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Just a girl with an expensive obsession. who doesn't love makeup?

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Anonymous: What's in your skin care routine?

Firstly I moisturize my face every morning. I use Simple’s moisturizer. I come home and wash my face using my clarisonic with Purity’s cleanser (after I finish the bottle I plan on switching to first aid beauty’s cleanser) I tone my face with Neutrogena’s (orange) toner. Pat dry. Put a night time serum on or something to help with acne because my skin is very susceptible to breakouts :(. Every 2 to 3 days I do a mask. I’m currently going through Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty and Boscia’s black revitalizong mask

Somebody come to me so I can put makeup on your face. I’m so bored with myself

Anonymous: I need some help. I have super super super oily skin and I have like the ice pick scars all over my cheeks. Some people say the mac studio fix fluid is a good medium to fully coverage foundation for oily skin but at the same time I'm worried bc some say its a satin finish some say its matte. I don't want satin at all I need matte bc of how oily my skin is ya know? So idk what to do. I also hear revlon color stay is good but idk what powder to use that's goes to darker skin tones :( help

Mac Studio Fix is going to be full coverage. You might first want to start with a mattifying primer though. Just for that added protection. So like Rimmel’s Stay Matte primer or Mac’s Mattifying gel primer. I can say that Revlon’s color stay whipped foundation is my favorite out of their color stay line. I do have oily skin as well. You can just use a translucent powder to set. Translucent powders are meant to not show any color on their own so it should set your foundation and match the color. You also might want to go try MUFE Mat Velvet+

I hope this helps!

Lashes so long I don’t even need sunglasses

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